Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

Do You Like Notebooks or People Who do?

I have always loved to write on paper. There is something special about using a pen and documenting your thoughts and feelings, at least for me. I do not do it daily, but I have dozens of pads around the house, and probably in my storage, filled with how I felt at some point or another.

When I started to create my illustrations a couple of years ago, this was one of the first things I wanted to make: notebooks featuring my art. At the time, I looked for months into suppliers: unfortunately, I neither had the funds nor the space to store the eventual purchase of dozen of notebooks. Plus, I already had so many different ideas, that I could not pick one... I put that idea aside for the time being.

A few months back, I was watching TikTok videos (of all places) and realized that I could create that type of product with Amazon as a supplier. I was already familiar with the platform because this is where I self-published my first paperback poetry book back in 2018 titled On Love, and Lust, and Everything in Between - 123 written pages where I poured my heart out in 3 acts, + essays (I am very proud of my baby).

Here is a little video one video I produced of one of my poems:

By the time I find out about this new opportunity, I got extremely excited about it. My first project was actually a Ukulele Notebook for singer-songwriters. On top of writing poetry, I also write, compose and perform my original songs (check them out on my Youtube). In the past, I used regular notebooks with on one side my lyrics and another page the chords, but I always thought it would be kinda neat to find a product with all the features I was looking for: so I did it!

I also wanted to work on a regular notebook, so I used my Afro Yogi illustrations for the cover and created the inside with blank lines.

I have to say, the first samples I ordered were not the best: it took more research and trips to Target and Marshall's for "inspiration", but I finally created a product that I love and am proud of.

First page of my Notebooks

I always try to feature my logo on the cover and a few times within the notebook, as well as my information in case someone gets gifted one of my beautiful cahiers and wants more! Some of these notebooks also feature poems from my poetry book

Over the months, I have added diary, logbooks, manuscript papers notebooks, gratitude journal, and 52 weeks planner.

I have almost 100 notebooks at this time categorized in different collections, and that is why I really wanted to create "The Daphné Essiet notebooks Ultimate Guide" so if you decide to purchase them - maybe for the approaching holiday season (is it ever too early to start Christmas shopping?), you know where to go. *Click on the collection name in order to be directed to the collection page and click on the other links for additional information on the products in the description.

Grace Jones illustration

The Grace Jones Collection: I start with this one because this is the BESTSELLER - Obvi... There are 3 formats, please check for details by clicking on the page. If you really dig this illustration I also sell other products featuring this in my online boutique

The Afro Yogi Collection: a collection of diary, yoga logs & gratitude journal. For other product check my online boutique

flutist anne drummond illustration in black and gold
Illustration of Flutist and Composer Anne Drummond

Musicians Collection: 8.5in x 11 (US Letter)manuscript paper notebooks and fret notebook featuring illustrations instruments, musicians, and instrumentalists. For other products check my online boutique

illustration of black fairy with afro
Afro Fairy

Afro Fairies Collection: 8.5in x 11 (US Letter) college-ruled lined notebook created to promote a healthy and broader representation of Black and Brown children through imaginative and magical characters. For other products of the collection check my online boutique

French politician Christiane Marie illustration
French politician Christiane Marie

French Papeterie: French ruled or Séyès paper is the standard lined paper used by students in France, as commonly used as college-ruled paper in the USA.

illustration of dancer with long hair in black and gold
Afro Dancer

Afro Dancer Collection: features Black dancers wearing large afro celebrating Black hair in all its glory and is meant to normalize black hairstyle in all its form. For other products of the collection check my online boutique

colorful illustration of owl bird

Birdies Collection: composition notebooks featuring stylized colorful birds for children and grown-ups.

illustration in black and fold of lady with stylized hair
Golden Lady Original

Golden Ladies Collection: created in honor of Women History Month and the CROWN Act passing in California in 2020. It features figurative drawings of black women with different hairstyles. For other products of the collection check my online boutique

Of course I also have a bunch of other "stand-alone" (for now) notebooks, like the "African Mask Notebooks" or the Ladybug Pattern notebook (from an old "insects collection" I may re-release at some point - I can create a post, please comment if you are interested in seeing), little Cafe Notebook - I created while drinking my espresso at my favorite old spot in Harlem, Elated Strokes (from my fine art, the original collection I sell on Saatchi), Sankofa diary or finally Here's a Cat Looking At Clouds (one of my favorite drawings, I sold a couple of years back to a kitty lover).

For those who live outside of the US, please follow those links to avoid paying shipping fees:

Canada click here

France click here

UK click here

Japan click here

(poetry book click here)

Other countries, holla in the comments!

Thank you for your patience and feel free to leave a comment should you have any questions <3

Daphné Mia Essiet © All rights reserved.

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